2018-2019 Mascot – Sanford

Each year at our annual Best Friend Ball we auction off the privilege to be the Mascot for the Lynchburg Humane Society. Sanford is the 2018-19 Mascot for the Lynchburg Humane Society!



Sanford was adopted from the Lynchburg Humane Society approximately 12 years ago.  Kyle had been without a dog for several years when his Mom suggested there was a dog at the Humane Society that he should go and see.  Kyle agreed and there he found Sanford. Sanford’s family had moved away and left this sweet dog with a broken leg and tied to a tree.  It was believed he had probably been hit by a car. He also had a rod embedded in his leg. LHS took the dog to Peaks View Animal Hospital, where Dr. Al Henry kindly donated his services and performed the necessary surgery, restoring the dog to health.


On the ride home from the animal hospital, the newly adopted dog perched atop a pile of miscellaneous stuff piled into the truck, prompting recollections of the TV show Sanford and Son. Thus he came to be named Sanford.  As Sanford’s personality emerged, it became quite evident that the name was a perfect fit.



Sanford is a runner. No fence presents an obstacle for him. He embarks on his adventures and tours at will. He loves to hunt and often proudly brings home his trophies to present to his family. He occasionally enjoys visiting a nearby nursing home, where he lets himself in the automatic doors, and delights in having pancakes with the residents.  He has been known to swim all the way across Buggs Island Lake. He loves children and is very gracious about accepting other cats and dogs as visitors.


Sanford is a great protector of his family. He displayed his heroism one night when someone broke a window pane in an attempt to break into the house. Sanford lunged through the broken pane in pursuit of the intruder, leaving bloody claw marks as evidence of his bravery. The intruder vanished into the night and dared not return.


Sanford’s master is a pilot and travels frequently, so Sanford happily shares his time between Kyle’s home and his mother, Daniele’s, home.  He is loved, adored and pampered to the extent that his ego will tolerate.  Both families feel very grateful to have Sanford grace their homes with his presence.