2016-2017 Mascots – Buddy & Weezer

Each year at our annual Best Friend Ball we auction off the privilege to be the Mascot for the Lynchburg Humane Society. This year’s mascot honor is being shared by 2 pets. Meet Buddy and Weezer!


Buddy is almost 13 and is a Border Collie mix. He came from a pet rescue family when he was 18 months old. When he first came home he was to be company for a 17 year old dog who missed her companion dog. He would lead her on her walks every morning like it was his job. If she stopped, he would come back to get her. He has to know everything about everything going on and is the ever diligent sentinel for his house. Buddy gets into everything and eats all that he can find whether edible or not. It’s a wonder he is still alive!


We are pretty sure Weezer is a Carolina Dog. She was running around Cottontown Road and she came from some friends who could not find her owner. She was feral; cared nothing about attention or being called a “good girl” at puppy school. She was a jumping bean and just wanted to bark at other dogs. In her 11 years she has evolved into a very sweet playful girl who loves attention from people but still can’t handle other dogs, except for Buddy. We have developed a really tight relationship in recent years.