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Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terrier
Sex: F
ID: 36860103

Elsie is around 4 years old, spayed female, app. 45 pounds but very short/small. Very, very lovable and very, very affectionate. Loves to play fetch running as fast as she can to retrieve and return balls. She treasures her possessions, such as a ball or toy. She has spent some time around young children and was friendly and affectionate. She has spent a little time around other dogs, but as you will recall, she and our dogs did not get along, which could be a territorial thing. Elsie has not been around cats as far as we know. She has had access to a big yard and a pet door so she has been allowed to be very active (after her years of neglect in a small confined area without shelter). On a leash I would say that she is improving. She really listens and tries to comply. She aims to please. She is such a great size, muscular but short. She can be a lot of fun but also a lap dog. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ELSIE, PLEASE CALL Vicki Barrett 434-942-0717.