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Domestic Medium Hair (Gray & White)

Domestic Medium Hair (Gray & White)
Sex: F
ID: 37619528

Gracie is about 5 and though she comes off as very aloof and uncaring at first, once you get to know her she becomes a loving, goofy, curious pet. She is very inquisitive and will want to know what is in all of your closets and draws. Gracie is an indoor cat only(no front claws), and has mid-length fur and does need to be brushed occasionally, she is very picky about brushes and I will bring you the one she likes. Gracie loves nothing better then cuddling in bed all day and pizza. Her toy of choice are mice and feather wand toys. If fed a wet food diet, Gracie builds up tarter. If you keep her on dry food this will not be an issue. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN FINDING OUT MORE ABOUT GRACIE, PLEASE CALL HER OWNER SYDNEY CURTIS AT 434-944-6000 SINCE SHE IS NOT HERE AT LHS.