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Domestic Short Hair (Brown)

Domestic Short Hair (Brown)
Sex: M
ID: 37619533

If you're looking for a cat that loves to play, Riddick is the friend for you. He will be 2 in August and has all the energy of a kitten. He is leash trained and would probably do very well as an inside/outside cat in a quiet neighborhood. He still has his claws, but he will let them be clipped, this is a slow process but COMPLETELY possible with patience. His favorite toys include laser pointers, wand toys and also everything else that moves. Please do not play with him with your hands or feet, this will teach him to attack you. This does not mean he doesn't like to cuddle though! Once he is done with playing and all tired out he will happily climb into your lap for some tv and a nap. Riddick could be comfortable in a multiple pet home, if properly introduced to the other animals. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN FINDING OUT MORE ABOUT RIDDICK, PLEASE CALL HIS OWNER SYDNEY CURTIS AT 434-944-6000 SINCE HE IS NOT ACTUALLY AT LHS.