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Domestic Short Hair

Domestic Short Hair
Sex: F
ID: 37768443

We have had Gracie for 6 years, she picked us at the old Humane Society. She is 10 years old, black and white, and weighs about 12 #. So, she is a larger cat, and she is very strong. She sits by the door when she wants to go out, which we let her do for the six years we have had her. She has not been around kids or other pets. She will approach strangers carefully. She will sit on our lap and purr when she wants to do that. She talks to me when she wants attention for something. We have moved, and can no longer let her out on her own. We have tried the leash and harness, but a 10 year old cat doesn't like that system at all. I believe she would be very happy with someone or a family that has some acreage, and if they have a mouse problem, she is a super hunter. She is not used to being outside at night, or in bad weather. She is not a fussy eater loves Friskies wet food and we also give her a good quality dry food. One of her quirks is she loves to drink out of the faucet in the bathroom sink. She will ignore her water bowl, and wait on the counter top in the bathroom for someone to turn the faucet on. She is healthy, well-cared for, but not happy in this new, constricted environment. We hope to find her a home, where she can get the outdoors during the day that she loves. And where she comes in for naps, etc. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GRACIE, PLEASE CONTACT HER OWNERS, AS SHE IS NOT AT LHS. Linda or Jamie Christie 434-525-3720