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Pit Bull Terrier, Collie

Pit Bull Terrier, Collie
Sex: M
ID: 38254090

Batman is a 7 month old terroir pit mix. He is a beautiful brindle color with all four of his feet colored white making him look like he has socks on. He is a very well mannered dog with a surprisingly calm demenour for a puppy. He has been acting out a little bit when he encounters other dogs, but once acclimated he gets along just fine. He is a very affectionate dog who does not destroy his toys or any other possessions of mine. No accidents in the house, just small dribbles from excitement as every young puppy would do. His previous owners could not give him the attention and training that he needs. He WILL become a fantastic dog once someone puts in the time and effort to train and associate him with other dogs and people. He has not barked since I got him and listens very well for a 7 month old puppy as well. Since he was in a previous home with children, his name is Batman and respondes when you call him. Contact Andrew Ritte for more information about adopting! (703) 403 9624