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Domestic Short Hair (Black)

Domestic Short Hair (Black)
Sex: F
ID: 38438267

This is Mia. My daughter brought her to me 5 years ago as a rescued kitten. She was my companion for 4 years and I've never had such a loving cat. It makes me cry to have to rehome her, I never imagined this would happen, but due to my husband's illness we had to move a year ago and now it is not possible for me to get her. If you want a snuggle cat, she is the one. She would follow my husband's wheelchair and hop on the sink and then sit in his lap while his teeth were brushed. She snuggled next to my head at night to sleep. She is snugly and loving and relaxed once she becomes acquainted with you. She and our other cat tolerated each other, but the last year with our daughter's cat has been hard. She has been fed dry food, but she loves having a treat of wet food as often as she can get it. (I'll admit, I spoiled her a bit) She is an indoors/outdoors cat, but I'm sure would adjust to just being inside with you. I have not had any problem with scratching, but she goes out often. Both Mia and I would be so happy to find someone who needs and wants her. She is still in Lynchburg living in our house with our daughter. If you are interested in adopting Mia, please contact Sarah-Louise Dechow at 434-238-8303 for more information!