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Theodore and Milton

Tabby (Orange), Maine Coon

Tabby (Orange), Maine Coon
Sex: M
ID: 38529827

To tell you a little bit about our cats... both are neutered male cats. Theodore is a Maine Coon/Orange Tabby Mix and Milton is a Grey Tabby. Theodore can be shy around new people, but is very affectionate and is great with kids. Milton is very energetic and meets no stranger. Even at four years old they still sometimes play like kittens. They are really attached to each other and from what we understand they were litter mates and have never been separated since birth. Ideally, we would like them to be re-homed together. They both do still have their claws and have been indoor cats since we have had them. We have not had them around any other animals so we are not sure how they would do with other cats/dogs. They are free fed dry food and have a can of wet food split between them daily. At their last vet appointment they both checked out great with no issues. They are both really big cats in regards to length, but are still very trim and fit. We can even supply two litter boxes and a water fountain to any family willing to adopt them. If you are interested in either of these handsome boys, please contact Josh and Lydia Twiggs at (434) 363 6763.