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Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terrier
Sex: F
ID: 39042306

Princess is 4 years old, and is a brown and white pitbull mix with a black mask. She's a little chubby in the middle, but that's all the more for you to cuddle up with when you're spooning her at night! She's an incredibly sensitive, sweet girl, and will always strive to please you. She's a very fast learner, and does not need much at all in ways of correcting her if she does something she's not supposed to. A gentle hand is definitely needed with this giant dollbaby. She enjoys roughhousing with other dogs, and doesn't mind being around cats at all. Children may scare her at times if they're loud around her, but once you give her some time to get used to them, she's okay. She needs patience and gentle affection, and you will have her heart forever. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PRINCESS, PLEASE CONTACT HER OWNER AT 434-444-9982. SHE IS NOT AT LHS, SHE IS STILL IN HER HOME WITH HER OWNER.