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Domestic Short Hair

Domestic Short Hair
Sex: M
ID: 39174216

This is Radar. He's roughly 2-3 years old. He's extremely affectionate once he has deemed you safe but due to his extremely poor vision (extreme case of being cross eyed), he is quite skittish and isn't fond of loud noises or sudden movements. He is an indoor only cat as well, and has been since he was just a tiny kitten. He does get along well with other cats, but has never been around dogs or kids. Also he seems to like to be around only 1 person most of the time and whenever strangers come over he will be found hiding under furniture out of sight. At night he turns into a cuddle bug once you get under the covers, quite happy to lay all over you as you settle in to sleep. Also when excited he does tend to drool a bit as he purrs. Current owner does not have the time to give him the love, affection, and attention he needs due to work related commitments. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT RADAR, PLEASE CONTACT HIS OWNER SINCE HE IS NOT AT LHS: Steve smith (434) 610-4101