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Domestic Short Hair (Orange)

Domestic Short Hair (Orange)
Sex: M
ID: 39250792

Rocky is a 3 year old neutered male and is the alpha cat at our house. He is an orange tabby and very entertaining to have around. Rocky would benefit from a more active household. He loves to interact with people and is very loving. He doesn’t meow much, he does squeak a lot though. He is on lysine doses to help with a repertory complaint. As long as he gets this at least once a day on his food he does fine. If he does not get this he will occasionally have episodes of what I call “heaving”. Almost like he is trying to bring up a hairball. This medicine is very cheap and lasts a very long time. It is in granule form and has a tuna flavor, so I just mix it in with his food once a day and he eats it right up. His favorite TV show is “Meerkat Manor and Big Cat Diary”. One of his quirky behaviors is he likes to shred boxes. He will sit in a paper box or paper box lid and bite off little bits and spit them out. He looks like an old man eating sunflower seeds! He does not swallow these and I think it is just a stress reliever for him. He is pretty picky about which box he uses. I just sweep up the bits once a day and get him a new box when the current one is shredded down to a nub! I really love this guy and want to see him placed in a good home. He would do well with children and lots of interaction. All vet shots and health checkups are up to date with Gentle Care Vet. Full Name:      Rocky Foosa IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ROCKY, PLEASE CALL HIS OWNER MARGARET AT (434) 941-0081, HE IS NOT HERE AT LHS.