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Domestic Short Hair (Gray)

Domestic Short Hair (Gray)
Sex: M
ID: 39250881

Spike is a 3 year old neutered male gray tabby and very entertaining to have around. Spike would benefit from a calmer household. He loves to interact with people and is very loving. He would do well with children, but he prefers a more quiet life and just loves to be held and loved. He is a talker and will certainly get your attention. He has had to have 2 teeth removed, but vet says all the others look great. He is more timid and a little skittish with anything he does not recognize. His favorite TV show is “Meerkat Manor, Big Cat Diary and Drum Corp”. Spike loves his cat nip and I call him a junkie! It mellows him out and he will stretch and roll around. He loves it. He will get the munchies though, typical! One of his favorite things is the standup brush I got for him. It is a little self-groomer and he rubs his face around on it a lot. He loves to be brushed and has the cutest little face. I really love this guy and want to see him placed in a good home. All vet shots and health checkups are up to date with Gentle Care Vet. Full Name:      Spike Moofasa IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SPIKE, PLEASE CALL HIS OWNER MARGARET AT (434) 941-0081, HE IS NOT HERE AT LHS.