Some pets that enter our care need a bit more TLC than others. This was exactly the case when we met Troy last September. This handsome fellow was experiencing some severe behavior troubles at home that even the most experienced of pet owners would find an extreme challenge and ultimately ended in an emergency removal of Troy from the home. During his first few weeks with us Troy did not allow anyone to come near himself or his kennel. He would express his grievances though growls, lunges, flinging his food and water across his kennel and painting in his poop. It was clear to us that Troy needed us to love him just a little harder through these difficult days. With the assistance of our veterinarian, Troy began a behavioral medication regimen to help ease his anxiety and allow him the opportunity to open up to our staff. With a lot of time and patience Troy started to bond with one of our staff members little by little. We quickly learned that Troy wanted to be friends with us, he just didn't know how to trust us or how to interact with us in respectful ways. Once he started making friends with not only our staff but also our other dogs, we discovered that he actually thrives on constant attention and connection, both with humans and other dogs. He lives for daily playgroups with 10-12 of his closest canine friends, tennis balls and frisbees, but he is equally as happy to go for a trail walk or a car ride (he always calls shotgun and is truly the best co-pilot) with his humans! As you can see in this video, Troy has come so far during his time here at the Pet Center and although we will miss having him as part of the APC family daily, he is ready to begin the careful search for a home to share his next chapter with. Troy is requesting an adult only home, someone with the patience and time to give him the attention that he needs, canine siblings would be preferred but are not required. If you are interested in adopting Troy please send us an e-mail at

Age: 7
Sex: Male
Color: Black/White
Price: $59
ID: 15934544