Did you say tennis ball? Where? Oh, sit? I can do that! Let me show you all the cool things I can do like sit and snuggle...... and chase tennis balls! I am this many (I held up one paw), and I really like to do fun things (like chase tennis balls). The humans here told me that someday when I grow up, I might get a bed and a person to call my own. I would really like that, I think. I think I would want to be the only animal in the home, but I do like to play with my dog friends sometimes. Because I am still a pup, I may take up more of your time and energy than some older dogs, but I promise the love I can give you and all the tennis balls you can watch me chase will make it worth it. I hope you can be the person I can grow up with!

Age: 2
Sex: Male
Color: Blue
Weight: 59 pounds
Price: $0.00
Location: Kennels Appomattox
ID: 34185340