Are you looking for someone to help make all your worries go away? Someone who can make you smile, even when times are tough? Well then Merri might just be your gal! When you first see Merri, her stunning black and white fur catches your eye. It only takes a little while in Merri's company before this sweet, affectionate gal works her magic on you. Merri loves spending time with her favorite people. She will come and greet you from across the room! She loves attention from everyone she meets and becomes a total lap cat with the loudest purr motor you've ever heard. Once she's on your lap, she is there to stay! She could spend all day just relaxing, curled up on your lap, while you watch t.v. One of her favorite past times is to watch out the window and chirp at birds who fly by! One look is all it takes to fall under her spell and it will melt all your troubles away! If Merri sounds like she could be your dream come true, please stop by and visit with her! We are open from 11am to 7pm Monday-Friday and 11am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday!

Age: 7
Sex: Female
Color: Black/None
Weight: 8.10
Price: $10
ID: 2716474