Hi! My name is Pam! I was found behind the tractor supply with my sisters. I haven't been around people a lot so they scare me sometimes. It might take me a couple of days, but when I warm up to you I LOVE being scratched behind the ears and under my chin. I enjoy being inside, but I love going on walks! I only like being walked on my harness because I don't like the way the collar pulls my neck. The heat can wear me out easily though because of how thick my coat is. I LOVE being brushed too! I do really well with women, but men sometimes intimidate me so I will try to herd them by barking until they sit down. I also will let you know I want to go outside by barking. I love other dogs, but it might take a couple of days for me to feel comfortable around them. Once I trust them, I never want to stop playing! All I need is somebody who can be really patient with me while I am still learning how to be loved!

Age: 2
Sex: Female
Color: Grey/White
Weight: 37
Price: $109
Location: Adoption Hall
ID: 11285867