A good boy with a cute face and a great personality - sounds too good to be true? Well I'm happy to tell you that it is the truth and it's me! I'm Thumper, one of the greatest dogs here at the Center for Pets. It's true, I'm a favorite here, but I'm still waiting for some really great humans to walk on in, fall in love, and take me home. Oh man, I just can't wait for that day! Thinking about it just gets me super excited! Here's some of the things we could do together. We could play, oh boy, we could play all day! Playing is my favorite! If we need to take power naps, though, don't worry because I'm a big cuddler too. You'll never need to wonder where I am because I will always be right be your side. I'm the greatest companion! If you want to meet me, just stop by the Center for Pets! I'll be waiting for you!

Age: 4
Sex: Male
Color: Tan/White
Weight: 60
Price: $79
ID: 2649286