How could you say no to such an adorable face? I mean, obviously I know I'm handsome, but wouldn't you agree? Let me introduce myself: the name is Orion and I am here at the Center waiting until my new humans walk through those double doors and take me home. I'm an energetic guy who loves to play. Hiking every single day would be my dream, but if that's too much I'll be good with a stroll too. Toys are my favorite, but not as much as the person on the other end who is tugging away at the rope or throwing me the ball. The best part about me is that I'm just so excited to go home and I'm going to give so much love to my new family! Come visit me today and we can become best friends!

Age: 5
Sex: Male
Color: Brown/White
Weight: 52
Price: $79
ID: 2760264