Have you ever had a best friend? I don't mean like a buddy who can only hang out on the weekends, I'm talking about a best friend for life. Are you looking for a friend who always has your back through thick and thin? A friend who wants to spend time with you cause they just love being with you? A friend who will celebrate the good times with you and one who will be by your side in the bad? Hi, my name is Samps, and that type of friend that you're looking for? That's me. I like everyone and I will literally do anything. Trying to watch a movie? I'm down. Wanna go for a stroll? Even better. Just wanna sit and talk? Guarantee you won't find a better listener than me. Wanna hear even better news? Tomorrow, I'm only $18.95! So don't miss out, and take me home!

Age: 6
Sex: Male
Color: Black /White
Weight: 78.00
Price: $79
ID: 2888881