Oh boy, you've clicked on my picture to read more about me? Thank you so very much. My name is Barney and the humans here at the center tell me I am a handsome young man. I love it when I get to go outside because there are so many fun things to do out there like chasing toys, running around trees, and sniffing new smells. I get bored when I don't have anyone to play with, and I have not had a special person like that in a long time, even though I have been waiting patiently. I want to go home with someone who will keep me busy by teaching me new tricks and taking me with them on adventures. I know it kind of sounds selfish, but I want to have my humans all to myself. Oh please come meet me and ask the humans if you can take me home with you!

Age: 2
Sex: Male
Color: Brindle
Weight: 56 pounds
Here Since: 8/6/2015
Price: $49.00
Location: Adoption Hall
ID: 29309569