Hello there! If you didn't notice already, my name is Galaxy. We are going to have to get to know each other before I trust you completely, but once I do, you'll see why I can be a companion that is out of this world.

So here's a little bit about me: Frisbees are one of the greatest things ever invented, in my humble opinion. Fetch is my favorite pastime and I will always being trying to make fetch happen. I enjoy bouncing after larger than typical toys like bouncy balls - and extra points if they squeak. I also push myself to learn new things, and would need a person who would take the time to attend to my intellectual needs. If you like to play and hang out at home, then we just might become BFF's.

I have a few close friends who know me best here at the center, and they will tell you that I am very fun to be around. I feel most comfortable around people I already know, so if you would like to meet me just ask one of my friends to introduce us!

Age: 2
Sex: Female
Color: Black
Weight: 20 pounds
Here Since: 12/6/2016
Price: $99.00
Location: Dog Intake Blue
ID: 34155101