Become a Foster Parent


Becoming a Foster

We provide the pet; you provide the love, space, and attention!

Foster parents are an important part of our mission and ultimate goal to reach a place where all savable pets are given the medical and behavioral care they need to be placed in loving homes.

Step 1: Fill out our Foster Profile
Step 2: We find the perfect pet to match your lifestyle
Step 3: Pick up your new best friend! We provide all the supplies you will need
Step 4: Enjoy the love of a foster pet!

We foster out the following types of pets: kittens that are too young, puppies that are too young, cats and dogs who need special attention or just need a break from the shelter. Sometimes, we just need a little help making space so we don’t become over crowded.

Click here to foster pets from our Appomattox Center.

For more information please contact us at 434-448-0088 ext. 120 or email Catrina.

Want to take a dog on an adventure for the day, or take a pet on  a weekend slumber party? Check out our Pet-cation program.

The Lynchburg Humane Society has launched a new life saving program and we want you to get involved! Pet-cations are available thanks to a grant through Maddie’s Fund and give dogs and cats the opportunity to spend time exploring the world outside of LHS. Members of the public (18 years or older) can come in and take pets out for day trips or for slumber parties. Day trips can last from one hour to all day. A hike, a trip to the lake, or a nice dinner at a pet friendly restaurant are just some ideas for you and one of our adoptable pets. Slumber parties consist of taking a pet home for a night (or two!) and giving them some time in a home setting. Come in and sign up, find a pet, grab a bag, and go. A backpack or tote bag will be provided with everything you need for a successful field trip or sleepover. You do not have to be a foster or volunteer to participate in this program.

 Already a Foster?  Visit our foster portal:

Cat & Kitten foster portal 
Dog & Puppy foster portal

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