Become a Foster Parent


Becoming a Foster

We provide the pet; you provide the love, space, and attention!

Foster parents are an important part of our mission and ultimate goal to reach a place where all savable pets are given the medical and behavioral care they need to be placed in loving homes.

Step 1: Fill out our Foster Profile
Step 2: We find the perfect pet to match your lifestyle
Step 3: Pick up your new best friend! We provide all the supplies you will need
Step 4: Enjoy the love of a foster pet!

We foster out the following types of pets: kittens that are too young, puppies that are too young, cats and dogs who need special attention or just need a break from the shelter. Sometimes, we just need a little help making space so we don’t become over crowded.

Click here to foster pets from our Appomattox Center.

For more information please contact us at 434-448-0088 ext. 106 or email

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