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What is Slobberfest?  A Doggie Olympic style event with 12 events to bring out the competitive spirit in your dog (and you, lets face it)!  We also have a scavenger hunt that takes you around Lynchburg and tests your knowledge of this great town. 
Fun family activities include facepainting, balloon creations, vendors, food and beverages.  The activities are all family friendly and a lot of fun to watch the dogs compete.

Saturday, March 29th        
Place: Boonsboro Ruritan Club on Coffee Road
Time: 12 noon- 3pm  (registration at 11 am)
Cost for Olymplic events: General Admission is FREE 
For participating dogs to enjoy all and any of the events (people are free)
    $15 if you register before February 28th
    $20 if you register March 1st - March 28th
    $25 the day of event 
Register now on line.
All participants will receive an event t-shirt and a goodie bag of fun stuff

Scavenger Hunt:
$10 per teams of no more than 5 people with first place taking home a cash prize. Starts at 8:30 am and ends at 11:30 am on site

Register on line or you can print out a registration form Slobberfest Registration and mail in or drop off at the shelter.  

If you would like to be a sponsor please check out our sponsorship levels and all you receive for your donation. Or go to the end of the page or Email for information.

Vendors: if you would like to be a vendor and have a tent or table please contact


Musical Hoops: This is musical chairs for dogs! While the music plays, handlers heel their dogs around a row of hula hoops. When the music stops, handlers tell their dogs to "sit" or "down"in a hula hoop, any dog without a hoop is excused.

Snoopy Says: In this fast-paced, canine version of Simon Says, handlers and dogs must follow instructions - but only if Snoopy says so! Last 3 left win

Peanut Butter Lick: Who can empty the spoon of peanut butter the fastest? First 3 win

Frisbee Throw: The dog with the furthest catch wins (furthest distance thrown and caught).

Filla Fuller Brush Shedding: Handlers will have one minute to brush their dog. One handler holds plastic bags while the other brushes and passes hair.  Handler supplies their own grooming tool.  NO Furminators. Whoever has the most hair in 60 seconds wins. Top 3 win

Tennis Ball Toss: Whoever can fetch the bucket of balls the fastest or has the most in 90 seconds.

Meatball Eating Contest: Who can eat the most turkey meatballs in 30 seconds.

Red Light Green Light:  In this game, one person plays the "stop light" and the rest try to touch him/her.  At the start, all the dog and handlers form a line about 35 feet away from the stop light.  The stop light says green light and at this point the dogs and handlers are allowed to move towards the stop light. At any point the stop light may say "red light" and turn around.  If any of the dogs and handlers are caught moving they are out.  Play resumes.  First 3 to reach the red light win.

Lure Course:
Dogs are timed chasing a mechanically operated lure. Top 3 times win

Babe Ruth Obedience Baseball:
Dogs complete a command at each base to score.  To start dog and handler stand at home plate.  Judge says "go" and dog and handler move to 1st base.  Handler commands dog to sit. When dog sits, dog and handler move to 2nd base.  At 2nd the dog is commanded to lay. Once the dog lays they move to 3rd base. Handler commands dog to sit/stay  When dog obeys, handler walks to home plate with their back to the dog.  When handler reaches home plate they release dog.  When dog crosses home plate the time stops. 3 best times win.

Agility Course: Handler directs the dog through the obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. 

We will present a prize for the over all Best Olympian for the dog that won the most for the day.

Sponsors of the Event

Title Sponsorship: Petco Foundation

Sponsor of an Olympic event or activity
Agility Course Sponsor-Animal Hospital of Lynchburg

Level Three Sponsorship
WellPet Group
W.E.L. Inc.
Beehler Kids

Level Two Sponsorship
Fleet Labratories
Wayne Simanovich
Virginia Eagle Distributing
BB&T Scott Stringfellow

Sponsorship information

Sponsor of an Olympic event or activity - $900
Your company banner or sign will be displayed at the event/vendor of your choice:  Facepainting booth, Balloon booth, the Agility Course, Field for the frisbee throw and tennis ball toss; Field for the snoopy says, musical sit, red light green light,  shedding contest, meatball eating contest, peanut butter lick; Field for the Babe Ruth obedience baseball competition or the scavenger hunt
You have the option to set up an informational booth at the event site and to have one promotional item in our participant bag
Your business location will be featured in our scavenger hunt
One Ticket to the event
Logo will be printed on the event t-shirts
Logo will appear on event posters and brochures throughout Lynchburg
Company recognition on our website, along with a direct link to your website
Recognition in our newsletter, which reaches over 10,000 households

Level Three Sponsorship- $500
Your company banner will be displayed at the event
Logo will be printed on the event t-shirts
Logo will appear on event posters and brochures throughout Lynchburg
Company recognition on our website, along with a direct link to your website

Level Two Sponsorship- $250
Logo will be printed on the event t-shirts
Company recognition on our website, along with a direct link to your website

To become a sponsor please download the sponsorhip form and send to Kim Haywood.

Donate Online

  • To mail in a donation send it to Lynchburg Humane Development & Outreach Manager 3305 Naval Reserve Rd. Lynchburg, VA 24501

  • If you have questions about gifts to LHS contact Kim Haywood, Development & Outreach Manager at 434-846-1438 ext 12 or