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Kids and Pets

Teaching our children to be kind to animals (and each other) is important to our organization.

The LHS participates in the Lynchburg City Schools Partners in Education program.

Partners In Education is a joint venture between the Lynchburg City Schools and the
Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. Officially started in 1990, the program is designed to create links between the schools and area businesses, organizations, and institutions.

Through a grant from the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, the LHS sponsors 25 classrooms to receive Kind News, a classroom newspaper for grades K through 6 featuring articles, puzzles and activities that teach children the importance of being kind to animals, the environment and each other. It emphasizes compassion, fairness and responsibility.

If you would like to visit our shelter or have our Outreach Manager come out to your class or group, please contact Lea Morin at 434-238-3181 or email