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2014-2015 Mascot - Obi

Each year at our annual Best Friend Ball we auction off the privilage to be the Mascot for the Lynchburg Humane Society. 

     Obadiah Don Crouch is a Yorkshire terrier nicknamed Obi.  He was born June 14, 2013 in Bedford, VA and was adopted by Donald and Susan Crouch in August 2013. Obi resides in Forest, VA with his older pack mates, Nick and Sasha, who are both long haired miniature dachshunds.

     In October 2013, when Obi was 4 months old, he participated in and won the Lynchburg Humane Society charity walk costume event dressed as the world’s smallest elephant.

     Obi likes to get dressed and go out running errands or just for a walk around the neighborhood. When riding in the car he makes sure he is always strapped in safe in his car seat and in his carrier while in stores. He would love to run free in the neighborhood, but he knows he needs to wear his leash when he goes out.

     During the day Obi, Nick and Sasha are in the office with their mom. When she leaves the room she has to make sure she pulls the chair far away from her desk because Obi likes to jump up on the desk and take the USB drives and other small items to chew. In the evening they watch TV with mom and dad until time for their bedtime when they go to their doghouse to sleep.

     Obi, Nick and Sasha are all loyal companions. They believe that all Creatures great and small should be loved and well taken care of. Obi promises to work tirelessly to help the Lynchburg Humane Society to find homes for all the adoptable pets and to raise money so that the good work can be continued.

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