Liberty CSER Volunteers

Our Spring 2020 CSER Application is now open! See the bottom of this page for instructions and links. 

There are many opportunities to volunteer with us for your CSER. As a CSER Volunteer, you will choose to be a part of the Dogs Team, Cats Team, Administrative Team, or Pet Care Team. Tasks can include:

Dogs – walking dogs, monitoring and cleaning dog rooms and kennels, transporting dogs to events, etc.

Cats – socializing cats, monitoring and cleaning cat rooms and towers, transporting cats to events, etc.

Administrative – assisting with paperwork, educational events, adoption events, organizing donations, cleaning, etc.

Pet Care – assisting during our morning cleaning shift, spot cleaning, laundry, dishes, prepping treats and toys, prepping medicine meatballs, etc.

Volunteer Training Fee

As part of the volunteer application process, we require a one-time volunteer training fee of $25 to help offset the costs of administrative processing, training materials, applicable background check fees, your volunteer uniform, volunteer program maintenance, and other costs that leave a footprint in our finances so more can go toward animal care. Please pay the fee using the link provided in the application.

CSER Grading Scale

Criteria for determine a student’s final grade:

You must complete AT LEAST 20 hours in our TimeClock system to pass.

The letter grades are determined by the following:

A – Student displays exceptional service; excellent attitude; volunteered at least 20 hours and volunteered for at least one event (LHS event, birthday party, offsite event, etc.)

B – Displays satisfactory service; punctuality; appropriate attitude; volunteered at least 20 hours, but did not volunteer at an event

C – Displays acceptable service; usually punctual; acceptable attitude; volunteered at least 20 hours

D – Displays unsatisfactory service; not punctual; volunteered less than 20 hours

F – Designates “failure”; unacceptable service; volunteered less than 20 hours

How to get started:

  • Click here to apply and create a MyImpact account!
  • Select your team through your application – Note: You will not be able to switch teams once you have selected
  • Under your profile, go to the “Training” section and complete our general orientation, as well as our CSER orientation. You will also use this section for training on dog walking and other activities.
  • Click here to pay your $25 CSER Volunteer fee (if you have not already done so
  • Returning CSER Volunteers are asked to pay a $5 Returning Volunteer fee to help offset the cost of our new software. Returning Volunteer Fees can be paid here.
  • Wait for an email with your supervisor assignment (you should receive this within 2 business days).
  • Register on your LUServe Dashboard under your assigned supervisor.
  • For more information, email