2019-2020 Mascot – Ilsa

Each year at our annual Best Friend Ball we auction off the privilege to be the Mascot for the Lynchburg Humane Society. Ilsa is the 2019-20 Mascot for the Lynchburg Humane Society!

Ilsa is a beautiful 3 year old German Shepherd that lives with her human Mom & Dad and 3 canine siblings, Sasha, Obi and Nic, in Forest, VA.  Ilsa loves to spend her time playing fetch and extracting squeakers from toys. She is an expert jumper (her canine Dad was an agility champion) and proves it by her ability to jump over the couch! When asked about her favorite food, the response was “Everything.”

Ilsa has a loving and sweet personality, but is very timid until she gets to know you well. She is very smart! Ilsa can open doors to let herself (along with her 3 canine siblings) in and out of the house. She is very protective of her brothers and sisters.

Ilsa is excited to represent the Lynchburg Humane Society as the official mascot and hopes that all her friends at LHS can find homes as loving as hers.