Mission and Vision

For over seventy years, the Lynchburg Humane Society has operated as a private, non-profit organization, caring for lost and homeless pets. Last year, our Lynchburg Center for Pets helped over 9,000 pets. We are a 501c3, as well as a lifesaving Humane Society, where we firmly believe that no healthy or treatable pet should be euthanized. By operating the public shelter for the City of Lynchburg, we accept the lost or unwanted pets surrendered to us from those communities. We help pets who are at risk for euthanasia at other shelters by transferring them into our care. Last year, 885 pets were brought to safety at LHS from other shelters.  We accept those that are easily adoptable as pets, as well as those that need special nurturing from abusive or neglectful experiences. Along with our Center for Pets, we also have a regional spay/neuter clinic which performs around 6,000 spay/neuter surgeries annually It is the help of the community that makes our life-saving programs possible.

Mission: Leading the way in providing a compassionate, safe community for animals and people through progressive life-saving programs, services, resources, and education.

Vision: A community free of homeless and neglected pets

Long Range Plan

  • Grow regional programs
  • Strengthen community awareness
  • Maintain Lifesaving (no kill) status
  • Grow intervention programs

Core Values for the Lynchburg Humane Society

Smile, say yes: We are building a culture of finding ways to say yes to each other and to customers/clients. Be generous with care, respect, share your talents, and time.

See it, fix it, do it, own it: We shouldn’t ignore problems or complain – we should fix it. Talk is cheap, the solution is in the action, and so just do it! Be responsible and own it. Go above and beyond.

Speak: Speak for those that can’t speak for themselves; they depend on us to represent them. Speak if you have a suggestion that can impact lives. Speak and communicate with each other and the community with respect and courtesy. As an organization we will Speak with honesty and strive to be authentic and transparent.

Play: An unexercised dog is cranky and poorly behaved. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Get your fun in and enjoy what you do! Work can be a fun place to be.

Glitter: Glitter? What? Well it is extraordinary, it delights, it sparkles, it makes an impact, and it sticks around longer than intended – just glitter.

Have goals and smash them: As an organization we have goals, and we will work together to smash those goals. As individuals we have goals, both personal and professional. We would like to hear about our staff goals so we can help them smash their goals as well. Because we are innovative and progressive, mistakes happen, especially when you are pushing yourself, so strive to be different and be ok with failing once in a while.

Assume the best: Trust one another and assume that most people are good and care as much as you do. If you have doubts, ask and find out the answers, but always try and go to a place of trust and assuming the best first.

Be worthy: Be worthy for the community, for the pets, for each other.