Sweet Plum came to us as a stray with her litter of kittens back in July of 2019. We assumed she was just an outside cat but after spending some time in foster she has learned to trust us little by little. She will still need some time in a new home but she doesn't mind living with other cats and loves to play hide and seek all day with you. We have got to the point where we are able to pet her when she is napping or eating and has even been caught in the bed of the fosters teenager getting a massage. She can be very frightened of dogs and will run away and hide from them. While she isn't one to play with toys, she secretly likes the smaller plush toys that you can find in a happy meal. All her babies were adopted, so now it is her turn!!

Age: 4
Sex: Female
Color: Grey/White
Weight: 7.88
Price: $10
Location: Adoption Hall
ID: 14420238