Don't let that scarred sad face fool you! Herndon is a very happy kitty. Missing a leg never holds him back! He loves to play with toys and his kitten friends. As a tomcat with scars and age, he has had his fill of competition so he is not a fan of other adult cats. But Herndon has made fast friends with a small fellow foster kitten, and enjoys cuddling and grooming her even if her playful antics can be annoying. Herndon may be the cat you've always been looking for! He is content napping by himself, but also enjoys a good snuggle on a rainy day. He's a great eater and has great litter box etiquette. What more could you want? Herndon is pretty much the perfect companion and just needs your love!

Age: 11
Sex: Male
Color: Black/White
Weight: 7.5
Price: $0.00
ID: 41850672