Squeaks McGee - In Foster

This is Squeaks McGee. He's around 3yo and is the very sweetest, beautiful, blind baby. He came to foster because he was very anxious in the shelter. Having hands reaching in his condo without being able to see was scary. He has done so well in a home environment. Being blind does not stop this guy. He loves to explore, he just does so very slow and carefully until he learns his space. When he's unsure, he'll reach out with his paw to check out what's in front of him. Squeaks especially likes to sit higher up. He climbs high on the cat condo, likes to lay on a bed or sit on a chair. As long as his front legs reach the top of the surface he's climbing on, he's good to go. He loves to lay on his foster mom's lap and get head and belly scratches. He'll let you know if he's not ready for the scratches to stop. Squeaks does not get into any trouble. He's a laid back kind of guy. What get's Squeaks excited? Meal time and TREATS! Temptations and Delectable Lickables are his favorites!

Age: 5
Sex: Male
Color: Brown/White
Weight: 12.5
Price: $159.00
ID: 41903324

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