Salted Caramel - In Foster

Meet Salted Caramel- My favorite combination-salt and sweet! She's about 2yo. She came to foster needing socialization. She not really a part of the swat club-she's more of a scoot and hide kind of girl. She has a ways to go but if you are patient, love a challenge and have a sense of humor, she would be great in your home. "Salty doesn't love to be touched or looked at-or so she tries to make you think. She has made a lot of progress and has warmed up to and tolerated being petted and even allows some short glances her way. She has gone from not allowing even a glance or a reach out of a hand to playing with things being held by her foster mom's hand and accepting pets and even some to looks her way and even initiating some interaction. She doesn't seem frightened. Salty definitely has rules of engagement and is strict about how they are followed. The key is when she initiates interaction...just act natural and don't make a big deal about it! Do you remember Barry Manilow's song "Weekend in New England, ("When will our eyes meet? When can I touch you,?...). It's been the theme song for Salted Caramel and her Foster Mom. Salted Caramel is a huge fan of her treats Delectible Lickables. These treats have been useful in getting Salted Caramel to accept pets and she'll even stand (2 feet) on her foster mom's lap while eating the treat. Salty loves to play chase with other cats, but she also will entertain herself. She likes to play with toys, climb, and watch cartoon fish videos and look out the window/stand in the window sill. She and Squeaks have a special relationship. They are not always together, but Salted Caramel will rub up against Squeaks, they'll lay down together, and Salty even jumped in between Squeaks and another cat to keep Squeaks from running into that cat and from likely being swatted and hissed at. Salted Caramel's foster mom thinks she is pretty special and finds her personality to be fun-even when being avoided.

Age: 3
Sex: Female
Color: Black/White
Weight: 8.38
Price: $159.00
ID: 44680483