Carmen is a very special kitten looking for a home! Carmen and her brother came to us as orphaned kittens and were bottle-raised by an amazing foster family. As they grew, we noticed that Carmen had some deficits in her fine motor function causing wobbliness of the legs and head tremors. After some treatments and time, the symptoms improved but never went away, so our veterinary team was able to conclude these wobbles are likely congenital and may stay with her for the rest of her life. Her foster mom tells us that despite her head tremors, Carmen is a happy and playful kitten! She can do everything other kittens can do, is litter box trained, plays, runs, climbs, and jumps, and when she's doing all the normal kitten things, you barley notice the wobbles. As she continues to grow and develop it's best that Carmen stays in a home environment and not have to come back to the shelter, but she's ready for adoption and starting her next chapter! If you are interested in adding Carmen to your family please reach out to [email protected]

Age: 4 months
Sex: Female
Color: Grey
Weight: 4.24
Price: $129
Location: Medical Exam
ID: 45175209