Learn about Apex straight from his foster family: "Pax is a snuggly little moo cow. He's soft like a bunny rabbit. He looooves being in a lap or on your side or in your arms. He will trip you over to get some cuddles. He is also v v helpful! Everyday he stands on the litter box, making sure I do it right. They all do this actually, v v involved in cleaning their litter box, most supervising. He looooves playing, toys (dangly birds please) are cool but he prefers wrestling a friend. He hasn't been in the big house yet but he is v v interested in meeting the dogs through the gate & he is v v brave. He likes sleeping in a laundry basket or in the little tunnel on his cat tower. He also loooves looking at himself & he takes lots of selfies & shares them on the internets for his fans."

Age: 4 months
Sex: Male
Color: Black/White
Weight: 5.34
Price: $129
Location: Kitten Intake
ID: 45691524