Rosalee - In Foster

Look into my eyes..... This girl!! Queen of the clan. Meet Rosalee/Rosie/Rose.....she'll respond to all. She's an older girl (9), so no shenanigans like those younger kitties. Rosalee is content laying around and loves head scratches and being brushed. Rosalee sweetly stares straight in your eyes while you scratch her head. If you dare walk past her without acknowledgement, you'll get a stare and a grunt. If you stop petting, she'll grunt and reach out with a tap to remind you to return to your job. Rosie doesn't jump, so she needs a step of some kind to help her get on on higher surfaces like beds and couches. If her feet comfortably reach the top of a surface, she can typically hop up or over to the surface. She's pretty slow moving UNLESS she hears the Temptations container or Delectables Lickables bag being opened. Girl can run when necessary! She's also a huge fan of catnip! Rosalee used to hiss at her foster cat brothers and sisters if they got anywhere near her-even if she was the one walking into their space. She quickly earned respect....nobody messes with Rosalee. As time has passed, she is now allowing the other cats to lay near her, and sometimes touch her. They are feeling safe enough to sniff her and even give her a few licks on her head. Rosalee has even been caught sneaking a sniff or two when they are not looking :0) Rosalee is an easy cat. She doesn't need much, just a soft place to nap, someone to lay near/on, head scratches, and treats. She doesn't get into any trouble. She's fine by herself and will learn to tolerate resident cats as long as they respect her. She has not been around the resident dogs other than hearing them bark. She doesn't seem to pay attention to their barking and would probably be fine with a dog that is not too intrusive. Rosalee has long hair and likes to bathe, so she takes medicine every other day to help prevent hairballs. She takes her medicine with no fuss at all!! This is one special girl! You really need to meet her! Almost forgot-she has the best furry feet that look like cute Ugg boots!

Age: 10
Sex: Female
Color: Tortoise
Weight: 12.44
Price: $139.00
ID: 50231474

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