Jubilee - NYC

Jubilee, is a sweet, playful one-year-old male, currently in a foster home. Jubilee has tested positive for FeLV. For more information on FeLV, please reference this website: His foster says ;"He loves new people! He's excited to meet them and will weave in between their legs. If they sit down, he may even explore their lap....He is good with kids too! He loves to play with a toy on a string and batting at shoelaces. He really likes to look out a sunny window and chirp at the birds. He even likes it when I pick him up and bring him to the window to look at passerby people... He is very friendly! He gets active in the morning and evenings but after a bit of playing, he is happy to relax the rest of the day or night...He will sometimes sit on my lap while I work but on other days he will just entertain himself or nap in a cozy dark spot. He is playful and likes to expose his belly and chase after a toy on a string. He is also pretty independent but he definitely enjoys the warmth and comfort of a cuddle too!" If you are interested in (virtually) meeting Jubilee, you can submit an application here: (copy & paste this link into your browser) Please note: Surveys are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, and if you are scheduled for a meet and greet, you will be contacted by our team as soon as possible.

Age: 1
Sex: Male
Color: Brown
Weight: 6.8
Location: Sunroom
ID: 50425374

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