Amber - NYC

Meet Amber, a three-year-old female. Amber is new to us and we are still getting to know her, but we will update her profile once we know more about her personality. Like all cats and kittens, she will need lots of socialization, play time and love. Amber loves being pet and is very sweet. Her Foster says ;"She does not shy away from new people. Amber was a little shy at first but she became a lovable cat who is always seeking pets.She loves getting her head, behind her ears rub or massage. Even though she loves to get your attention and your affection, she is not a lap cat. She has allowed me to hold her from time to time. She seems to have a good temperament. She hasn't scratch me even when she reaches for me. She does give love bits but just nips not hard at all. Still very social and now very chatty in the morning. Friendly, playful when she is seeking affections but likes to sleep most of the day. Sleeps most afternoon but actively seeking your pets morning and night." She says Amber likes to follow her around and has good litterbox habits and prefers dry food to wet , so needs to be monitored to balance diet. She has been spayed, microchipped, dewormed, and is up-to-date on vaccines. If you are interested in (virtually) meeting Amber, you can submit an application here: (copy & paste this link into your browser) Please note: Surveys are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, and if you are scheduled for a meet and greet, you will be contacted by our team as soon as possible.

Age: 3
Sex: Female
Color: Buff/White
Weight: 11.56
Price: $139.00
Location: Adoption Hall
ID: 53604893