Drax - In Foster

Drax is a hilarious retired cat who still has plenty of sass and purrs to give out. Drax likes things to go his way at this point in his life, and as his fosters have learned his mannerisms and preferences, they understand that Drax is just a guy who wants to chill out and maybe catch a breeze while bird watching. Drax has lived with both cats and dogs and is good at coexisting when other pets in the home are respectful of his boundaries. Drax is full of surprises! For example, he loves playing with wand toys and enjoys nibbling on catnip. He can usually be found napping in a cat bed or basket or hanging out on an outdoor balcony. If you're looking for an independent, laid back kind of guy to keep you company, Drax may be the one for you.

Age: 9
Sex: Male
Color: Brown/White
Weight: 10.2
Price: $0.00
ID: 59942688