Corbin is super sweet. He loves people and will always greet me when I come out of my bedroom in the morning or when I get home after being gone. When you talk to him he'll have whole conversations with you. He wants to be held if he hasn't seen people in a while and will purr loudly when held or when he's sleeping next to wherever you are. He loves looking out the window and wants to chase the birds, especially all the squirrels. All my friends who met him comment on how amazing he is. He's also the most playful cat I've ever seen. He will turn anything into a toy - from the cat toys or mice/mini soccer balls to the random scrap of paper that falls from opening mail. And on top of that - he's absolutely beautiful in his glossy black coat with a touch of white at the neck and belly.

Age: 2
Sex: Male
Color: Black
Weight: 12.88
Price: $0.00
ID: 61593822

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