If you've been on our Facebook you may have seen Dusk before. Until now that may be the only place you've seen him. Dusk has been in our care for over a year, and until recently, has lived in our open cat room. Dusk has always been shy and after his sister was adopted some time ago, he has kept to himself. Despite being in a frequently visited room, Dusk was usually tucked away in a safe cubby so few people were able to see his true potential. About a month ago we decided to give Dusk his own personal kitty condo. These spaces are quiet and peaceful, but also smaller. We were worried he would be afraid of visitors approaching his kennel, but instead, he shocked us with just how comfortable he was! Dusk is more confident than ever now and enjoys watching our staff as they clean the other condos. He has even started bravely greeting customers who pass him by, not ready for pets yet, but his curiosity is a good sign he will thrive once he's in a home. Melanie & Kara with Pinnacle Financial Partners have paid $80 of Dusk's adoption fee in hopes of finding him a home soon. If you are interested in meeting the cat who has defied all odds, stop by today to meet Dusk. Or email the adoption team at [email protected] with questions you might have. If you'd like to foster Dusk to give him a break from the shelter, email [email protected].

Age: 1
Sex: Male
Color: Black
Weight: 8.36
Price: $159.00
Location: Cat Towers
ID: 62891030

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