Being Rehomed by Owner


Litter of community kittens looking for forever homes. These babies were born in the wild but have been socialized from about 5 weeks old. They are all friendly and playful and tolerant of both children and adults handling them. They love to play with each other and are most active in the early morning and late evening hours. They also enjoy climbing and playing with their mini catnip toys and shoelaces. All are litter box trained and enjoy both wet and dry kitten food. The two males in the litter are more active and playful and would do well in a home with children to play with. The female kitten is more solitary and may fair better in a quieter home environment. Minnie is extremely attached to her mama and may do well in a home with another cat, as she prefers other cat company and is trying her very best to become friends with our seasoned male cat. Very energetic and loves to climb and "help with scooping her box. Also enjoys chasing her mouse toys, her morning dose of wet food, and has claimed our big LazyBoy chair as her own. We call her Baby . If you are interested in Minnie, please contact Sidney at (434) 609-3394 or [email protected].

Age: 11 months
Sex: Female
Color: Fawn
ID: 75514905

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  • Being rehomed by owner