Being Rehomed by Owner


Meet Bella! "Bella is a little, delicate sweetie. She is very soft and has the sweetest little meow. She can be nervous at first but loves to be pet and if you hold her, she will just flop into your arms and will start purring. She needs love and care, and when she gets that, she is brave, sweet, and sooooo cute. She's also completely harmless. She has this sweet little "bless your heart" habit of hunting socks- she will find a clean one in a laundry basket or somewhere and then leaves it out in the middle of the floor for you to notice, while probably being nearby meowing and standing tall, really proud of herself. She's so delicate and precious. Such a sweetie!" If you are interested in Bella, please contact Rachel at (330) 309-1610 or email [email protected]

Age: 9
Sex: Female
Color: Grey
ID: 76291288

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  • Being rehomed by owner