Being Rehomed by Owner


We are looking to possibly re-home Marley if we can find a good fit. She's almost 12 years old (DOB 4/16/12), fixed, declawed, and potty trained. She really is the sweetest cat and loves snuggles! I've had her since she was born, but I would like for her to have a better quality of life. Lula, our two year old doodle, is just way too hyper for Marley and it hasn't gotten any better. We've given Marley full ownership of the first floor (food, water, couches, toys, trips outside, etc.) but she's unhappy because she'd rather be upstairs with us. However, Lula drives her nuts. Great with chill dogs, big or small. LOVES adults and older kids. My niece/nephew pulled on her tail one too many times as babies, so toddlers are questionable. Sooo if you love cats and want a cat that snuggles, lmk if you're interested!! No re-homing fee. We'll give you all of the cat supplies we have. I just want to make sure she's safe and happy. Also, yes, she is a chunk lol but I've been told by numerous vets over the years that there's no medical cause for it. She's just a big girl with big love! If you are interested in Marley, please contact Danielle at (941) 275-7822 or [email protected].

Age: 11
Sex: Female
Color: Calico
ID: 81477264

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  • Being rehomed by owner