I LOVE to play fetch, walk the trails, and meet new people! I am very energetic, loving, and I'm pretty coachable too. I love meaty treats so I'll do anything for them! Come visit me and teach me a new trick. Maybe you can take me home!

Age: 3
Sex: Male
Color: Black/White
Weight: 57
Price: $139
Location: Adoption Hall
ID: 43121668

About Me

  • Activity - I've got some energy. I will do best with daily exercise and longer walks or runs a few days a week.
  • Cats - I'm still not sure about cats. I'll probably do best with time and training.
  • Children - I love people! I will probably love your kids too!
  • Dogs - Have dogs? Talk to my LHS friends for more information about my experience with dogs.
  • Humans - I LOVE humans, even strangers!
  • Leash Skills - I walk very well on a leash.