Here ye, Here ye. May we now introduce to you, your highness the Dutchess of the Lynchburg Canines. Dutchess comes from a long line of Lynchburg royalty. Before Dutchess found herself in the Center for Pets, she enjoyed the finer things in life and is hoping someone will come to court her into a life of nobility. Like all ladies, Dutchess has a list of demands for her suitors. They must have a throne (couch) and must bring offerings of meaty treats and affection. Every so often the Dutchess will need to endulge in the most precious of stuffies. If you think think you are regal enough for this Dutchess, email her ladies-in-waiting at [email protected] or stop by her Kingdom for Pets to profess your love for her today.

Age: 5
Sex: Female
Color: Black/White
Weight: 69
Price: $229
ID: 43770544