Hey guys I'm Buchanan! I'm a very good boy. I'm probably the most cuddly boy ever and I absolutely love meeting new people and getting scratches. I'm new to LHS so I haven't met any other pets or kids yet but I'm excited to give it a shot! Email my friends at [email protected] if your interested in meeting me!

Age: 4
Sex: Male
Color: White/Grey
Weight: 43.3
Price: $109
Location: Dog Adoption East
ID: 45434594

About Me

  • Activity - I have a higher amount of energy and will do best with long walks and play sessions.
  • Cats - I've never met a cat as far as LHS knows.
  • Children - I have not been around children as far as LHS knows.
  • Dogs - I'm still not sure if I like dogs; I haven't had enough interactions with dogs to know if I like them.
  • Humans - I LOVE humans, even strangers!