If you find yourself walking our adoption halls, don't be surprised if you hear our staff giggling about Tater with his many nicknames: "Tater Tot," "Sweet potato," "Mr. Potato Head" and more! What can we say? His one of a kind personality and potato-like physique makes him an easy staff favorite. Even the other dogs think he's the best! He bounces, flops, leaps (well, as much as a potato can leap) in playdates with the other dogs, especially his hound dog pal Marty McFly. We love seeing his toofy smile every day so much, but truthfully, he's tired of shelter life and ready for someone to take him home. When Tater sees that you're about to pass his kennel, he presses up against the door and gently wags his tail, hopeful someone will take the time to meet him. Is that person you? If you'd like to meet Tater, come on by the Center during our open hours or reach out to his friends on the adoption team at [email protected]! Tater would also LOVE a break from the shelter, even if it's just for a weekend! He's dog friendly, house broken, and honestly would just love to hang with some people and catch up on his beauty sleep. If you'd like to give Tater a much needed break, reach out to our foster team at [email protected]!

Age: 8
Sex: Male
Color: Tan/White
Weight: 66.4
Price: $0.00
ID: 48683682