Jax - On Hold

Age: 1
Sex: Male
Color: Tan/White
Weight: 52.6
Price: $199
Location: Dog Intake Green
ID: 51359358

About Me

  • Activity - I've got some energy. I will do best with daily exercise and longer walks or runs a few days a week.
  • Cats - I would love some feline friends, but would do best with supervision at first.
  • Dogs - Have dogs? I would love to do a meet and greet with your dog to see if we can be roomies.
  • Home Alone - The LHS staff doesn't have enough information about my home life to know if I can be left alone.
  • Leash Skills - I don't have much leash walking experience, but I am excited to learn!
  • Potty Training - I'm a potty trained pro!