Looking for the ideal snugglebug? Sassy is the gal for you! As an avid enjoyer of cuddles and all things affectionate, Sassy will wiggle her way right into your heart with very little resistance. Sporting a full set of pearly whites and a sleek silver coat, Sassy embodies beauty both inside and out.

Age: 4
Sex: Female
Color: Blue/White
Weight: 71.6
Price: $199
Location: Dog Adoption West
ID: 53997600

About Me

  • Activity - I've got some energy. I will do best with daily exercise and longer walks or runs a few days a week.
  • Home Alone - The LHS staff doesn't have enough information about my home life to know if I can be left alone.
  • Humans - I LOVE humans, even strangers!
  • Leash Skills - I get excited on walks, so I may do best with a harness.
  • Petcation Approved