When Zackary first came into our care, he was scared and unsure of who to trust. Despite this, Zackary never gave up. With some extra love from staff and plenty of peanut butter, Zackary showed us his amazing courage, perseverance, and most importantly, a strong desire to connect with someone. What started with a first walk out of the kennel quickly became an open door to an amazing personality! He is silly, bouncy, playful, and a truly loyal friend. Zackary's story didn't have the happiest start, but we're so proud and excited to be part of his next chapter. Would you like to be his happily ever after? Reach out to our adoption team about how to make Zackary part of your family at [email protected]! Or, if you'd like to give this sweet boy a break from the shelter environment, reach out to our foster team at [email protected]!

Age: 3
Sex: Male
Color: Brindle/White
Weight: 61.6
Price: $229
Location: Dog Adoption West
ID: 69635603